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She's Empowered

As a woman, mining is the last area you would expect to have a choice in what you wear.

You don’t have to settle for workwear that is unflattering to your curves, doesn’t give you the room you need to move, or won’t celebrate a pregnancy with the right cut!

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Startco - Apodidomi

Apodidomi is a Greek word that means to give back, return and restore.  Apodidomi is a venture formed to raise funds for Blush Cancer Care Inc who finance breast care nurses and provide support and education for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer and men with prostate cancer.

Startco - Blush Cancer CareThe venture was formed by Sue Kirkegaard, a breast cancer survivor herself who has experience first hand the valuable professional care and ongoing education and support from Blush.

Her desire is to also encourage wellness and self care to women to ensure their health is a focus in their busy lives.

Funds are raised through community events and through the sale of items aimed at women taking time out to look after and care for themselves.

For more information follow apodidomi on Facebook or alternatively by email –

Startco - Blush Cancer Care


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