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Tech Aware - Autumn 2018

Geo Magnetic Filtering

At this time of year when storm activity in many parts of the country is high we occasionally have calls into our office requesting help with NER monitor false trips that coincide with storm activity.

A low-frequency earth current can be caused by the Earth’s magnetic field and from charged clouds passing overhead during a thunderstorm. In some rare conditions, this can cause a false resistor-fault trip. Enabling the geomagnetic filter and increasing the resistor-fault trip time can help counteract these effects.

Below is a brief video that shows how the Geo Magnetic Filter can be turned on for the SE-330AU and SE-330 relay.

Tech Aware - Spring 2017

Introducing the new MP8000 Motor Protection Relay

MP8000 Motor Protection Relay

  • Advanced Motor Protection overload relay fully programmable via Bluetooth using Android or Apple phone or tablet
  • Common applications include conveyor systems, HVAC equipment, saws and grinders, fan motors, and almost any pumping application
  • Protection is unsurpassed by combining overload, voltage, phase loss and reversal, voltage and current unbalance, power monitoring, and underload in one package
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP communications option available
    Programmable voltage and current settings to allow use on wide range of systems
  • Four programmable timers to allow separate delay times for power-up, rapid cycle protections, cool-down & under-load restarting

Click here to watch introduction video for MP8000

Click here to download MP8000 datasheet

Tech Aware - Winter 2017

Introducing the New Cost Effective AF0100 Arc Flash Detection Relay


  • Fast Acting 5 msec Trip time
  • Dual Sensor Inputs – Fibre Optic or Point style (see diagrams below)
  • Two Isolated Form C contacts
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Compact design – Din or Surface mountable

Click here to access Arc Flash calculator/case study & videos

Click here to view AF0100 data sheet

Tech Aware - Autumn 2017

Changes to SE-703 Earth Leakage Relay

To keep the SE-703 Earth Leakage Relay evolving and updated to meet compliance’s and our clients requirements, we would like to announce two new changes to keep it at the forefront of available Earth Leakage Relays.

  • Introduction of models with 2 x change over contacts
  • Selection of Fail-safe or Non-Fail-safe operating modes

Read more in the SE-703 Datasheet

Tech Aware 9

Arc Flash Monitor Comparison

Welcome to the first Tech-Aware for 2016.

If you are considering Arc Flash protection for your power systems or have existing arc flash protection, in edition 9, we cover the comparison between the Littelfuse Arc Flash units: PGR-8800 and the newer AF0500…

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Tech Aware 8

NER Monitoring Installation & Information

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to Tech-Aware 8: NER Monitoring Systems and Fault Finding.

Two scenarios have been highlighted over the last couple of months regarding NER systems and monitoring of these systems using Startco SE-330AU / SE-330 NER monitors. An important point to note in both these cases, is the Littelfuse NER monitors were performing the protection function exactly as they were designed to do…

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Tech Aware 7

AS2081:2011 Information

Startco receives a number of phone calls and emails seeking clarification on the requirements of AS2081-2011 and whether this standard pertains to Underground only ?

The State Legislation applicable to your mine, will determine how the current AS/NZS 2018-2011 applies to your mine…

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Tech Aware 6

PGR-8800 Arc Flash Monitor

Welcome to Tech-Aware 6: Arc Flash

One subject that has heightened concern and interest lately is Arc Flash protection. Littelfuse (Startco) has the PGR-8800 Arc Flash unit which has a number of benefits when implemented to minimise Arc Flash hazard…

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Tech Aware 5

Earth Leakage on VSD Applications

Earth leakage utilising the EL731 AC/DC Earth Leakage Relay – VSD Applications

Following on from Tech-Aware issue 3 and issue 4, Littelfuse Startco has in the last 12 months released the EL731 AC/DC Earth leakage Relay (See attached data sheet), which is AS2081-2011 Compliant…

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Tech Aware 4

Earth Leakage CT locations on VSD’s

Part B: Locating CT’s for Earth Leakage protection on VSD’s

One question which is discussed back and forth amongst suppliers, consultants and clients is;

a)      “Where are the CT’s installed on a Variable Speed Drive – Input or output ?” and

b)      “Will the Earth Leakage relay see a fault on the motor when the CT is located on the input side of a variable speed drive?”…

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Tech Aware 3

Earth Leakage CT location & Selection

Part A: Earth Leakage Relays CT location / selection.

The Littelfuse Startco range of AC /DC Earth Leakage relays offers innovation, reliability and features suited to a range of applications. The range of earth leakage relays offered by Littelfuse Startco include:

SE-701 Series: Setting Range: 1 – 99 % of CT Primary rating. Time delays: 50ms to 2.5 sec. DFT Filtering: Yes. See attached brochure…

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Tech Aware 2

Parallel Path Issues with NER Monitoring

Welcome to our new Tech-Aware Series: Volume 2

We a have recently had a couple of technical enquiries regarding NER monitoring and PT’s in parallel on the Secondary of the supply transformer where the NER monitoring is located.

The NER system must consist of the NER resistance only…

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Tech Aware 1

Earth Leakage CT Installation Information

Startco Pty Ltd offers an extensive service in Technical Support. One initiative at Startco is to assist our clients through occasional emails discussing the issues heavy industry and mining face with site installations. We often come across re-occurring enquiries relating to clients difficulties with an installation or nuisance trips caused by external influences on CT’s, protection relays or installation practices…

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